Thursday, 16 April, 2020

Social Distancing with Kids

Welcome back to the Talk Home blog, since we last chatted with you many of you will have had a sudden change to your usual routine. During these unprecedented times, the team here at Talk Home want to wish good health and safety to you and your loved ones. We remain working to provide you with the services you need to stay connected with the people you love. As ever, our customer service team are here to help you resolve any issues or queries you may have. Our team continue to ensure you can reach your family and friends now more than ever. Many of the families who are in lockdown have children in the household; we wanted to bring some light to your homes with a selection of activities that will keep the kids happy and entertained during social distancing. So let’s jump straight into it! 



A potentially messy activity but fun; nonetheless, simple baking recipes are perfect for passing the time with your kids. Maybe a treat you or your family previously loved but haven’t made in a while? Now’s the time to revisit that old recipe! Turn it into a fun activity with your kids and start a Great Home Bake Off and choose a new method every so often to practise. Don’t worry if you’re missing a few ingredients; you can find a recipe that’ll work for you based on what you’ve got in the cupboards.




We’ve found a bunch of recipe’s including for the image above that you can find here if you make some then share your pictures with us on social media.


Family Tik Toks

One of the hottest trends right now is Tik Tok, it seems like everyone you know is on it. During times like these, we could all do with a laugh to lighten our days, and that’s what Tik Tok does. Get the family involved in filming some Tik Tok’s; there is a long list of viral challenges which include crazy dances and acting that will take some time to perfect but also give your household a well-needed laugh. 



One of our favourite trends is the Blinding Lights dance challenge if you and your loved ones have a go, make sure you share the results with us. You’ll probably feel silly, but it’s a great way of bonding and having some fun while at home. 


Reading Challenges

Set your children reading challenges and offer small rewards to keep them motivated, you can make bingo reading charts which will add an ounce of fun to the challenge! It’s even a sneaky way for you to cut down screen time.



 All you need are some books, a piece of paper and some pens, personalise your slots to what works for you and your children. Each full line they tick off you can choose a prize for them or give them a choice of a few prizes, this will make it all the more fun for them. Take some inspiration for your bingo charts from the image above by The Crafty Chicks. 



Creating a Schedule 

Plan your weeks, so your children know what they’ll be doing through the week, you can add fun activities to avoid them getting bored too quickly. If you add some fun activities between the things they aren’t as keen to get involved with it can motivate them to power through because they’ll be excited to reach the ones they want to do (film Tik Tok’s no doubt). 



You won’t need tonnes of stickers and crafts; you can make do with some pens and paper to create the schedule. Make it personal to your children by doodling some drawings on the plan that they’ll like. 


Keeping in Touch 

Make regular phone calls to family and friends so your children can keep in touch with the people in their lives, set a time every couple of days where you let them know you’re going to be in touch with one of their school friends. 




Depending on their age, some children may not understand why, during these times, they have to remain at home, speaking to close friends and family brings a sense of normality. You can make free calls with Talk Home App *link* to other app users!


Crafts and Colouring 

The go-to for keeping your children entertained, anything around the house you can use to turn into fun crafts, use it! If you’ve got a printer at home, you’ll be able to find an overwhelming amount of print and colour at home pages for your children. Tesla has jumped on board and shared their printable colouring book, great for those kids who love cars. You can find that here.



Let us know if you've been doing any of these things that you found kept your children happy and entertained or if there's anything we missed that you'd like to share. We'd love to hear from you, stay tuned for more Stay Home content. Remember to Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Connected, we're here with you every step of the way making sure you're able to reach the people you love.