Tuesday, 05 May, 2020

Ramadan During Quarantine

The blessed month of Ramadan is here and for many 2020 is a very different experience to what you'll be used to. With the current time's many people will remain at home for the duration for Ramadan, with no prayer at the mosque, no family and friend visits and volunteering within your local community it's a very different time. We've put together a list to help you remain motivated, productive and well looked after during the month of Ramadan while in quarantine.

Host Virtual Iftars enter image description here

During Ramadan, you may be used to gathering with loved ones to enjoy iftar together where you reflect on the days previous, look to the days ahead and break your fast. This Ramadan many families will be unable to go ahead with these traditions while following social distancing Connect with your family and friends by hosting a virtual iftar, eat together on a video call with the loved ones you aren't able to share with this Ramadan.

Focusing on Those in Need

For many Ramadan is a time to give back and help charities that are close to you and your loved ones. While you remain at home, you are still able to give back to those in need by the power of the internet. You can join the Ramadan Challenge which has 30 days of giving, and this can be a challenge between you and your friends. Pick a goal you want to achieve, work towards achieving it and share it to continue helping others around the world.

Online Prayer Groups

Many are in a similar situation where they are unable to spend time during Ramadan visiting the mosque. These times are allowing people to become creative in the ways they are staying connected to their religion, during quarantine online prayer groups have become popular. Although some mosques will remain open during this time many countries will not have the same reality, joining online prayer groups or connecting with loved ones via phone or video call for citations is the reality for most this Ramadan.

Get More Familiar with the Quran

Having more time at home means you may have some spare time, during Ramadan you can dedicate time each day to reading more of the Quran. You can start small or big; whichever way is most comfortable for you, gradually you can increase the amount you read per day.

Screen-Free Time

Take some time for yourself to spend with your family without devices. If you are currently in quarantine, getting to spend this amount of time with your household is not very common. During this time you'll create new memories and look back on this Ramadan period, although it's different to what you and your loved ones are used to.

Focus on Self Care enter image description here

If you need a break to recharge yourself, take it! It'll help you focus if you're entirely focused, as much as it might feel unproductive it's likely to be the opposite. In your normal day-to-day life, you probably aren't able to spend time on all the things you like doing for yourself. Any hobby that you have invest time in and develop your skills. Whether it's drawing, painting or reading, now is the time to focus on what you're interested in of course making sure you take breaks for other things in between. Prioritising your self-care during Ramadan is essential, both your physical and mental health is important. During quarantine, making sure you feel the best you can is going to help keep you motivated and productive this Ramadan.

Quality Family Time enter image description here

It's easy to get lost in a Netflix show or scrolling through your phone while you're bored at home. Spending quality time with your family is a good way of regaining togetherness with the people in your household. Unfortunately spending time with people outside of your house for many isn't possible but staying connected with your loved ones is easier than ever.

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