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Talk Home Takeover: Brandon

Talk Home Takeover Brandon 

Staying connected with family at home

Welcome back to the Talk Home blog! Last week we spoke to Einer, an international student living in London who is originally from Belize, he gave us some great travel tips and shared how he keeps connected with his loved ones at home. Click here to read all about Einer and look at some of his amazing travel adventures. At Talk Home, one of our values is the importance of the power of talk. We want to be the stepping stone between you staying connected to your friends and family which is why we pride ourselves on providing the best international call rates.

This week we’re bringing you another interview as part of this months Talk Home Takeover series. We’re chatting to Brandon, a physics teacher in Dubai. After studying aerospace engineering and getting a job as a performance engineer at Rolls Royce, Brandon upped and moved from London to Dubai where he began teaching. When he is away from the classroom, Brandon is keen to explore what other countries have to offer and regularly jets off to new places which he documents on his travel Instagram. The majority of Brandon’s family remain living in London so we want to know how he keeps connected with them whilst he explores Dubai, we also want to find out how life in Dubai is, what is there to do and how can tourists can make the most of it.

What is the biggest difference you noticed between London and Dubai?

Lifestyle is one of the big differences when you compare Dubai and London, definitely not something I would complain about as there are so many activities which come as part of this and don’t worry, the majority of them are air-conditioned. Culture is another difference which can come as a shock to some who are visiting, you will meet many people in traditional dress, often hear the sound of mosques during prayer time but it’s all part of everyday culture in Dubai. Probably the most obvious difference, of course, is the weather. The Dubai heat is another level and takes some adjusting when you first come arrive, especially if you're like me and have come from London!

What do you miss the most about London?

My niece! And the rest of my family, of course, not being round the corner from your family can be hard and takes some adjusting to. Especially as my niece is young, sometimes it feels like you’re missing out on memories that your family are making. I also miss simple home comforts, there are so many things that I would have in London that aren’t available in Dubai, Bisto gravy for example! It’s a random one but a roast dinner isn’t complete without it!

Can you share 3 spots in Dubai you’d recommend to a tourist?

The Dubai Mall

It’s the biggest shopping spot in the world and is full of the biggest and best brands as well as lots of different entertainment attractions and some amazing restaurants, The Cheesecake Factory is one of my favourite places to go for dinner. For after-dinner entertainment, I’d recommend The Dubai Fountain.

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The Burj Khalifa

A hotspot if you’re visiting Dubai, I doubt you’d miss it! It’s the tallest building in the world and has more than 160 stories. I would highly recommend going to the top if you visit for some of the most amazing views you could imagine.

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The Dubai Marina

There is so much to do in the Marina, the skyscrapers and the unbelievable yachts there is a bonus. As well as the amazing hotels, spa’s and restaurants. There are also lots of different activities you can join in with whilst you’re there such as flying over the marina on a zipline! If you’re looking for a bit of a quieter shopping experience there is also the Dubai Marina Mall.

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Why is it important for you to stay connected to your loved ones?

If you don’t stay connected with the people you love when you’re away from home, it’s so easy to get lost in a lifestyle which is empty and that is why it’s important to me. Being away from home means that I am even more connected with my family, I make sure I do not miss out on any key moments and stay involved in every way I can. Video calls are blocked in Dubai so I need to have minutes available so I can have these conversations with my loved ones.

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Follow Brandon on his Instagram to see what spots he’s hitting in Dubai if you’re planning a trip!


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