Friday, 01 November, 2019

Talk Home Takeover: Einer

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At Talk Home staying connected and the power of talk is something we value dearly, we’re all about helping you discover freedom without borders and bringing you the best international call rates so that keeping in touch is easier. This new blog series will bring you the stories of real people who are living away from loved ones. We’ve interviewed four people who are living in different parts of the world and talked about the highlights of their home, discovered some of their different hobbies and talked about why it’s important for them stay connected to the ones they love.

Our first blog guest is Einer, an international student living in London from Belize, after graduating from an undergraduate degree in July, he is now continuing postgraduate studies in London. From one glance at Einer’s Instagram you can see a wide variety of places documented from Indonesia to Ibiza. The amazing snaps of each destination show off what’s on offer there for tourists. Having a big family who still live in Belize means staying in touch is a priority for Einer. We want to know all about how he finds living in the UK and why it’s important for him to remain connected with those at home, we also want some travel tips which could be helpful if you’re planning a trip!

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What are your favourite things about London?

I love how London is such a diverse and multicultural city, this city is such a beautiful place and it is refreshing that there are people from so many different backgrounds. I also love how convenient it is when it comes to travel. I have had the opportunity to travel to many different countries because of this. It is so easy to see the world from London.

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What do you miss the most about home?

I miss the relaxed culture from home, although I love the London buzz things are slower and calmer in Belize. I also miss the white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and not having to carry an umbrella. The thing I miss the most is the food, apart from my family of course!

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Why is it important for you to stay connected with your loved ones in Belize?

My family is my biggest support system and being able to keep in regular contact with them has allowed me to continue pushing myself and get through the times when I’m feeling down and homesick. I left behind the life I knew and everyone in it, and regularly being in touch with my family allows me to remember my roots and where I came from. Moving to the UK and finding a new network can be stressful, especially whilst you’re trying to settle into a new environment. Finding a provider which gave me access to great international rates without the commitment of a contract was perfect, getting a sim from Talk Home was very easy and it was free. Joining Talk Home meant I could easily stay in touch with my family whilst on a student budget.

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Tips for Keen Travellers

Tip 1: Take advantage of flight comparison sites like Skyscanner and also slow seasons, you can save money on flights if you use these little hacks which means you can allocate more money on activities whilst you’re there.

Tip 2: Prepare and research for the trip you’re going on, this will allow you to learn the best places to visit, events and how you can keep yourself safe. Preparing always makes travel more convenient, I have a travel folder on my phone where I keep all the apps I need for my travels. The Talk Home App allows free app-to-app calls which is great for when travelling in groups too.

Tip 3: Eat local! This way you can fully experience the local cuisine. This food is more authentic and you’re also helping small businesses grow which is great. You’ll also get to chat with local business owners who can recommend good places to visit which you might not have heard about.

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