Tuesday, 19 November, 2019

Talk Home Takeover: Valeriya

Talk Home Takeover Valeriya

This week we’ve got another Talk Home Takeover series installment, in last week’s post we spoke with Brandon, a physics teacher working in Dubai who’s originally from London. He talked us through some of his favourite spots in Dubai from dinner in the mall to ziplining over the marina, click here to read

Our guest today is Valeriya, a Marketing guru from Ukraine who now resides in the UK. In this week’s interview we want to find out some London hotspots for those who are visiting, the biggest differences between London and Ukraine and of course the importance of staying connected. After spending two years in Brighton, Valeriya swapped the seaside for city and made London her new home. Throughout the day Valeriya is working on all things Digital Marketing and at night she is exploring the best bars and restaurants there is to offer in the city. Her family remain living in Ukraine and friends made through travels are scattered around the globe.

What is your favourite part of London? Are there any hotspots you can recommend?

I love The City and the area near Tower Bridge. In general, it’s just a beautiful area, I work there and each morning walking towards Tower Bridge I try to enjoy every moment. I never get tired of the view; I try to remember that every day is special. Some of my favourite places in London I’ve put below, you should definitely check them out if you’re visiting or even living in London and looking for new spots.

The best cocktails in London are in the South Place Hotel. They have a few different bars inside; one is even a secret garden! If you know any places in London with amazing cocktails, oh, please, let me know in comments under this post! I'm always looking for new spots to try.

The best theatre is Shakespeare Globe: I have never laughed so much at the theatre as on their performances. 

My favourite museum in London is Tate Modern.

The best roast dinner I’ve found in London is at Hawksmoor in Spitalfields, a must go place on a Sunday afternoon. They have amazing steaks but also some great veggie options too. 


What is the biggest difference between here and home?

In London, I feel at home. I feel as comfortable in the UK as I do in Ukraine. The only difference in London is that my family aren't here, but I always remain in touch with them. Talk Home is a network I discovered a year or so after I moved to London, it made my contact with my family and friends so much easier purely because of how reliable the service is. Previously I regularly had issues with connection when calling home which was so frustrating! 

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How do you make yourself feel at home in London?

London is my home now and I don’t need to do anything to feel comfortable here. Something interesting I noticed about the UK, is that neither language nor culture unites people. It is common values, respect, love and the British sense of humour which connect people. These are the things which help me feel here comfortable and happy.

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Why is it important for you to stay connected to your loved ones?

Nowadays no matter where you are you can always stay in touch with your family and friends by different apps and messengers and this is amazing! Previously through work and travelling, I met amazing new friends but with time we would often lose touch because of how difficult and expensive it was to remain in contact. Having a network which provides great international rates is so important to me. Not only do I have my family in Ukraine but I have friends who are living in all different parts of the world, I think it's so important to check up on your loved ones whether it's a phone call or quick text message. The smallest conversation could improve someone's day, Talk Home is my stepping stone to keeping connected with my family and friends without limitations.


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