Talk Home Complaints Procedure

Step 1

There are two ways you can complain, either over the phone or via one of our written communication options, letter or direct email.

Over the phone You can call us between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Charges may apply when calling from your phone, check your price plan or non-standard price guides to find out.

Please remember that calls may be monitored and recorded for training purposes. From a UK landline 08713329189

*calls from other phones will cost 20 pence per minute plus the phone company’s Access Charge.

If you are not satisfied with our response, you can ask for us to reconsider the issue. You have the option to discuss the issue with a Team Leader/Manager. If your complaint still isn’t resolved after speaking to a Team Leader/Manager then you can escalate to our specialist technical team or complaints team depending on your complaint type.

Letter or direct email

Over the phone is the quickest way to resolve your complaint however if you prefer you can also raise a complaint by sending a letter or emailing us directly. The table below contains the contact information for each option.

If you’re a mobile calling card customer, write to us at;

Talk Home Customer Services, Anchor Brewhouse, 50 Shad Thames, London, SE1 2LY

Direct email If you email us directly, don’t forget to include:

  • Your full name
  • Your full postal address
  • Your calling card number
  • Details of your complaint
  • Your resolution requirements
  • An alternative daytime contact telephone number

The Customer Services Team will be working towards contacting you as soon as possible after receiving your complaint. If we can’t get hold of you by phone we’ll email you if you have provided us with your email address, or we’ll write to you. Note: If you complete via an email or send a letter please do not submit sensitive or personal information such as account security answers or payment information. If you need to update your account details, including payment information, please visit or call Customer Services. If you’ve set up a Customer Services password, remember Talk Home will never ask you to reveal it in full.

Step 2

Stage 1

You can get independent advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau, Consumer Advice Centre and Trading Standards. Whilst we’re happy to work together with the above independent organisations, if you decide you need their help to resolve your complaint, we would always want you to come to us first, as most problems can be resolved quickly this way.

Stage 2

Contact Ombudsman Services

If after contacting us we have not resolved your complaint within 8 weeks or if there is a deadlock situation, you may refer your complaint to Ombudsman Services, free of charge. Deadlock arises when we believe we have done everything we can to resolve your complaint but can’t reach an agreement with you. You must have followed our escalation process before you can request a deadlock and we will be unable to send a deadlock letter if we are still working to resolve your complaint or if your complaint falls outside the remit of Ombudsman Services. Ombudsman Services is an independent dispute resolution scheme, approved by Ofcom. Please ensure that you read Ombudsman Services guidelines to ensure that your complaint satisfies the conditions for referral. If your complaint satisfies these conditions, then you must contact Ombudsman Services within six years of first complaining to us. In a case of deadlock, then you must contact Ombudsman Services within 12 months of deadlock being issued. When your complaint goes through Ombudsman Services, an independent assessor will review your complaint and make a decision about how to settle it. Details of the service are available by contacting us or Ombudsman Services directly: Ombudsman Services: Communications PO Box 730 Warrington WA4 6WU Tel: 0330 440 1614 Website:

EU Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform

You’ll need the information below to complete the online form.

  • Our name: Nowtel Distribution Limited
  • Our website:
  • Our geographical location: Nowtel Distribution Limited, Anchor Brewhouse, 50 Shad Thames, London, SE1 2LY
  • Our email address for ODR based complaints:

As the communications regulator – Ofcom are there to ensure, among other things, that all Communication Providers have a Complaints Process in place which meets certain criteria. Ofcom don’t investigate individual complaints on behalf of the consumer or adjudicate, but they can provide guidance on the complaints process as stipulated in Steps 1-3 of this Code of Practice