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How to download our app

You can also simply choose your store from our downloads page www.talkhome.co.uk/talk-home-app/download and tap installed. The app is FREE so don’t worry. As soon as it’s installed you’ll find it on your phone’s home screen. Open the app and follow the instructions to get started.

Signing up for an account

To get an app account go to our website simply click sign up. Fill in your details and verify your email address. Once done you can manage your app online. View your call history, buy bundles and credit, monitor usage and much more.

Start calling

For National and International calls simply tap the 'Call' button on the home screen, tap in the number you wish to call and select the dial button. We have already added £1 credit to your account to get you started so play around with calling different destinations.

FREE calls and texts!

Get your friends and family to download our app and call and text them for FREE! It’s really that simple.

Syncing your contacts

Your contacts sync automatically when you install the app. Simply choose yes when prompted to sync and your contacts will automatically update. Plus each time you add a contact to your phone book our app with automatically add it so you can simply tap to call in the app.

WiFi, 3G or 4G?

Our app works over your WiFi or data connection. However your connected, that’s the connection we’ll use. Check with your service provider for data charges or talk to us about joining our mobile network.

Sending messages

Choose the message icon and sed texts the way you do normally. Check the rates for the donation you’re messages to ensure you know how much each text will cost. If you sign up for an account you can keep track of your spend in real time.


Our rates are up to 75% cheaper than our competitors which means we bring you great savings with the added bonus that you are not tied into a 2 year contract or any contract period. We compare our rates daily to bring you the best deals without you having to shop around. Simply tap the Rates icon on the home screen and select your destination.

Adding credit

Tap Top up on the home screen to add credit using your debit or credit card, or using your PayPal account. You can add credit though the app so there is no need to buy top up vouchers, however vouchers are still available from most courier stores and outlets.

Buying bundles

Just like with topping up simply navigate to the bundles icon and select your calling destination. You can buy a bundle using your credit, debit, credit or PayPal account. Bundles offer huge discounts in rates as you are buying minutes in bulk. We also offer text bundles allowing you to talk and text and the lowest price possible.

Transferring app credit and airtime

You can send your app credit to another app user by taping on the transfer icon on your home screen. Select in app and send credit to any app user anywhere in the world. You need available credit on your account and any credit sent will be automatically deducted from your balance.

You can also top up any pay and go phone in any country by selecting Airtime Transfer. You can select an amount and pay using your debit or credit card or PayPal account. You will be notified about fees before checkout so be careful as you go through the process first time. Make sure you fully understand how much credit will be transferred before sending.


Tapping this icon will allow you to choose to call through local access numbers. This helps to reduce costs by allowing you to call a destination from a local number no matter where you are in the world, so you will only be charged for a local rate call.

Plus One

You can earn free credit by bringing a Plus One to our network. Tap ‘Plus One’ on your home screen. You’ll be asked to enter your name. Once done we’ll give you a unique ‘Plus One Code’. Simply share it with your friend and get them to download our app. They enter your ‘Plus One Code’ and as soon as they top up we’ll add credit to your account!

Oh and there’s no limit to the amount of ‘Plus One’s’ you can bring, so get your friends to pay for your calls with FREE credit every time you add a ‘Plus One’.

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