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What is the difference between a calling card and a rechargeable card?

The calling card is a disposable card. When the credit is used, the card is no longer valid and can simply be thrown away. When purchased online you will receive a PIN number only. Use this PIN number with an access number. Each time you purchase a calling card you will receive a new PIN.

The rechargeable calling card is a non disposable card. The PIN number and card are registered to you and are yours to keep. When you purchase online a card will be sent out to you in the post. When the initial credit on your card runs out you can top up your card online or in stores displaying the PayPoint sign.

How do I buy a Talk Home calling card?

To buy a calling card simply choose your value and click to purchase. After the payment process is complete, your PIN will be displayed. This is a unique 10 digit number that identifies your calling card. Make a note of your PIN or print it out and keep it in a safe place. We will also send a copy of your PIN to your email address so don't worry if you don't get a chance to note it down.

How does billing work?

As you make calls the cost is deducted from your cards balance. You will hear your card balance at the beginning of every call you make. When your balance is low, adding credit is easy. You can top up your card by clicking top up on our site or at any store where you see the PayPoint sign. Keep track of your top ups through your account area.

How many call minutes will I get?

Simply select minutes from the top navigation bar and choose the destination you wish to call. You will be shown how many minutes you will get for every £5 credit.

How do I make a call?

Making a call using a rechargeable card is easy. Just follow the steps below for dialling from a land line or mobile.


  1. Dial the local access number.
  2. When prompted, dial your PIN.
  3. For calls to the U.K.: Dial the city code and local number.
  4. For international calls from the U.K.: Dial 00, the country code, city code and local number.


  1. Dial the local access number.
  2. When prompted enter your PIN. If you have registered the number you are calling from (CLI) with your card, you will not need to enter your PIN.
  3. Using the keypad, dial the phone number you wish to call.

Quick warning

It is very important that you DO NOT press Send, OK or Call after dialling the number you are calling. If you do your Talk Home call will be cancelled and the call will be carried and billed through your mobile service provider.

What access number should I use?

Talk Home calling card You can make calls on your calling card by calling the following access numbers:


    0845 034 1919


    0330 993 7333
    0330 777 1212
    0207 862 6373


    0800 786 0786
    0800 368 5828

Talk Home rechargeable card You can make calls on your rechargeable card by calling the following access numbers:


    0844 880 3442
    0845 034 1918


    0330 993 7332
    0330 993 1219


    0800 786 0785
    0800 014 7069

How do I view my billing history?

You need to sign up for a Talk Home account online. Once registered you can access your call records and view your billing history.

How do I update my details online?

Go to log in and sign into your account. You can change or update your personal details from your dashboard. You can also add r remove payment details and update your security details.

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