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Check your balance*579#

Take the SIM card out of the packaging and pop out the size you require for your handset. Once you’ve put the SIM in your phone you’re ready to go. You’ll find your new number on the back of the SIM card holder so you can start letting everyone know.

Your SIM comes ready enabled to call other Talk Home users for FREE, but for everyone else, you’ll need to add credit. You can buy Top Up vouchers in most core stores, however, it is easier to add credit online.

Call your current provider and ask for your PAC code, by law they must supply this to you when requested. As soon as you have it, give us a call and let us know your code. Then we’ll let you know when your number will switch over.

When you have your PAC code call us on +44 (0) 330 993 7339

Simply dial *579# followed by the send key.

  • Click on "Top Up" from top menu.
  • Verify your number. (if you are not logged in)
  • Select the amount.
  • Select payment method.

Enter the following on your Talk Home Mobile *123* <YourVoucherNumber>#

To credit your voucher via our Customer Services, Dial 579 on your keypad. If you are calling internationally, dial +44 7973 102 579

New users need to enter their PUK Code while completing registration with Talk Home Online Portal. You can find PUK Code on your sim card.

You can dial 379 at any time to listen to your messages. You can store up to 20 messages for up to 10 days, and the maximum message length is 4 minutes. You can also record a personal greeting, change your message notification method and set up a PIN number to enable you can pick up your messages from another phone.

To access your mailbox from another line simply call your number and interrupt your outgoing message by pressing the star (*) key. If you're travelling overseas you can access your voicemail as normal.

When on a call, call waiting will let you know that someone else is trying to reach you. You'll hear a tone over your current call and the number of the person calling you will be displayed on your screen. If you choose to answer the call your current call will be placed on hold allowing you to switch between calls.

Conference calling lets you talk with up to six parties at a time. To use conference calling dial the first number you want to speak to - once answered place the call on hold and dial the second number, then using your phone's menu select the 'Join' or 'Conference' option to join all calls together. Conference calling can also be used with call waiting, which means you can even add a call to an existing conference.

To prevent unwanted use of your credit you can set a PIN code on your SIM card by following the security options on your handset settings. The default SIM card PIN is set to 0000 however if you type the PIN incorrectly three times in a row your phone will lock. You can reset your device using the PUK code printed on the SIM holder.

Handsets are often locked (to prevent use with another network SIM card) when sold with a contract. If you see a message like 'Enter Unlock Code' or 'Contact Service Provider', when you first put our SIM into your phone you may need to contact your previous provider to obtain your handset unlock sequence. Sometimes this is referred to as a subsidy PIN.

There are many other places where you can have your phone unlocked - we recommend visiting your local mobile phone shop for more advice.

MMS (Multi Media Service) & Picture messaging lets you send small pictures or files to other phones (up-to 300kb per message). MMS will be added to your account automatically once you place your first call.

Mobile Internet lets you access the Internet and other data services from your handset. As standard, all Talk Home SIMs can access the internet, but you may need to set-up your handset connection settings first. Talk to customer services for help with this.

National roaming helps you stay connected when you're in the UK and lose the signal of our home network. You may see another Network name on your handset's display, this is normal and you can still access all our services. Plans and charges will stay the same.

International roaming helps you stay connected when you're out of the country. You can also access your voicemail and customer services when you're overseas, however, some networks may require you to dial the full international number. (We have already stored this in your SIM card phone book) If you don't wish to be charged for mobile data you should ensure that you switch this feature off in your device settings.

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