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Plan Name internet 4g data Data phone calling minutes Minutes sms text Text
  • UK Plan 20

    10GB 30GB Unltd. Unltd.

    UK Plan 20

    internet 4g data10GB 30GB data
    phone calling minutes Unltd. minutes
    sms text Unltd. texts
  • Freedom 15

    5GB Unltd. Unltd.

    Freedom 15

    internet 4g data5GB data
    phone calling minutes Unltd. minutes
    sms text Unltd. texts
  • Bangladesh UK 10

    500MB 500

    Bangladesh UK 10

    internet 4g data500MB data
    phone calling minutes 500 minutes
    sms text 500 texts
  • Nigeria UK 20

    1GB 250

    Nigeria UK 20

    internet 4g data1GB data
    phone calling minutes 250 minutes
    sms text 250 texts
  • Pakistan 12


    Pakistan 12

    phone calling minutes 750 minutes

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