How Do I Transfer My Phone Number to Talk Home

Bringing your existing number to Talk Home is a simple 4-step process. Follow this guide to successfully port your number

1. Order Your FREE Talk Home SIM

First, order a FREE Talk Home SIM card from our website. This takes upto 2 working days to reach your doorstep. You can only proceed once your new SIM card is with you.

2. Get Your PAC Code

Next, type “PAC” and send it to 65075 from your old SIM to get your PAC code. Remember, this has to be done with your old SIM card and not the new one we sent you.

You should receive a code via text message. Keep it safe with you – we’ll need it for later.

3. Activate Your Talk Home SIM Card

Now that you have your PAC code with you – time to activate your new Talk Home SIM card. Simply insert your new Talk Home SIM card in your phone to activate it.

Don’t worry about the temporary number on your Talk Home SIM for now – we’ll map your old number to the new SIM card once we port it in

4. Transfer Your Mobile Number

Once your new Talk Home SIM card (with its temporary number) is activated, it’s time to head over to the Porting Details page.

Enter your PAC, you'll be asked to pick a day to initiate the port-in request. That day, you will face intermittent service from your old provider and Talk Home so we suggest you do it as per your convenience

Restart your phone with your new Talk Home SIM inserted and it should work just fine. Success! You've now moved your number over to Talk Home.

🌟 Enjoy Your Free Data

With your original number ported to Talk Home, now you can enjoy your 1GB data for free!

Time to check out some amazing PAYG bundles or our monthly plans to find what best suits your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you request the transfer before 5pm, your number will be with us the next working day. If your request is made after 5pm, it'll take 2 working days.

Give us your PAC by Date you'll switch
to Talk Home
Monday before 5pm Tuesday
Monday after 5pm to
Tuesday before 5pm
Tuesday after 5pm to
Wednesday before 5pm
Wednesday after 5pm to
Thursday before 5pm
Thursday after 5pm to
Friday before 5pm
Friday after 5pm to
Monday 5pm

Bank Holidays

During Bank Holidays it can take a few extra days depending on when your PAC is submitted. Any PAC codes given to us after 5pm will be processed the following working day, and then you'll switch over to Talk Home on the following switching date.

If you've given us your PAC but the switch didn't happen on the correct day, don't worry we're on it.

Our systems will spot the delay and while we're fixing the issue, we'll credit your account with the equivalent of 1GB of free allowance for each day of loss of service.

In the unlikely event that the switch still hasn't happened after 7 days, please contact us and we'll put things right

A PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) is a 9-digit code used to move a phone number between different networks

If you’re joining from another network and want to keep your current number, you’ll need a PAC code.

PAC codes are valid for 30 days – if yours has expired or doesn’t work contact your network for a new one.

You can transfer your phone number from any network in the UK. We don’t have a type. 😉

First, try restarting your device if you haven't already. This resolves most issues. If that doesn’t work:

If you have an iPhone

  1. Go to Settings > Phone > My Number, and make sure the right number is showing. If it isn't, please update the number.

  2. Go to Settings > Messages > Turn OFF iMessage.

  3. Go to General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

  4. Restart your device

  5. Go to Settings > Messages > Turn ON iMessage.

This will recognise the new SIM and have it verified. If the issue still persists, please contact Talk Home support so we can assist you further.

There are multiple ways to get in touch with our support team and an agent will connect with you as soon as possible to help you.

  1. Live chat: visit our website for live chat (Mon to Fri: 09:00 – 21:00 | Weekends: 09:00 – 18:00 hours)

  2. By email:

  3. From your SIM: dial 579 (FREE from Talk Home)

  4. From other networks: Call +44(0)330 993 7339 from any other phone