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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our PAYG SIM:

To order a free SIM card from Talk Home Mobile,visit the “ORDER FREE SIM” page. You get 3 different options to choose from. You can either:

  • Free SIM: Order a free SIM card and add credit or plans at a later date.
  • Free SIM + Credit: Pre-load your SIM with top up credit for immediate use.
  • Free SIM + Plan: Pre-load your SIM with a plan for immediate use.

Click on any option. Fill in your details. Choose a payment method (no need of payment in case of “Free SIM” only), make payment to order a SIM card online, and you’ll receive your free SIM at your desired delivery address.

To top up your free SIM, visit the Top Up page. Click or tap to select the top-up amount. Choose a payment method.

Your free PAYG SIM will be topped up with the credit immediately, and you will be able to use it accordingly. Moreover, you can also order a prepaid SIM, topping it up with a specific amount while ordering it.

Yes, you can. Visit the Order free SIM page. You can order a preloaded SIM (a SIM already containing the top-up amount/plan of your choice) and use it as your PAYG (Pay-as-you-go) SIM. You can also add a PAYG plan to your SIM any time after you activate your SIM.

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